JCI Go-Kart racing night – 29 November

When? 29November, 7pm

Where? The Circuit, Sandycroft (just a few miles from Chester)

How? Depending on numbers, we will try and organise lifts from Liverpool City Centre (departure around 6pm)

JCI’s mission is to help young talents and entrepreneurs go full throttle in their career…  Taking this principle to heart, we thought it would be a good idea to organise a JCI Go-Kart racing night – a perfect opportunity for members to join, have fun, challenge and network.  If you belong to the many people thinking ‘I haven’t been go-karting for far too long…’ – join into this special and fun event and let’s go full throttle!

The cost will be £20 for 3 sessions of 12mins per person – after which you will be keen to have a break anyway, no doubt…..    Will all want-to-be Hamiltons and Vettels please register under:  (£10 deposit required).   Thanks and see you soon for an exciting race night.

Register for this event now at : http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8981577139/rss