Two more speakers at JCI event on 26 November…

Just to let you know that Jo Howarth and Marcus Croman have now joined the group of volunteers who will be speaking at JCI Liverpool’s Y.E.S.S. event on 26 November.

All the presentations on 26 November will be delivered by members, and corporate partners, of JCI Liverpool, who have created a diverse programme of activity, with the clear objective of teaching valuable skills to those who wish to succeed in business. The training sessions will feature presentations by Gary Millar (Lord Mayor of Liverpool) and Max Steinberg CBE (CEO of Liverpool Vision), and also include the following:

Gary Millar JCI

“Why do leaders lead?”, by Jim Graves and Peter Schriewersmann, who will explain leadership theory and competencies. Jim is a professional trainer, and also serves as the Chairperson of the Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust. Peter is Head of Partnership Development at arvato UK & Ireland (Public Sector), which is part of Bertelsmann, Germany’s largest media corporation.

“Learning Styles & Memory Techniques”, by Laura Beswick and Nadine Hughes. This session will give you a greater understanding of how the mind works and the different memory techniques you can employ to work more effectively. Laura is the Managing Director at BPP University in Liverpool. BPP is Europe’s largest specialist professional education, training and publishing provider.  Nadine is an Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager at BPP.

“Less is more”, by Andrew Barlow and Ania Tukalska, who will show you how simplifying every aspect of your business presentations can deliver the results you want and make your life easier! Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint and learn how to create engaging presentations that will win over your audience every time. Andrew is a self-employed presentation consultant, and Ania is a lawyer who originally qualified in Poland and now works at Liverpool law firm, Hill Dickinson.

“Risk: Surviving and Thriving”, by Tawhid Islam, who will speak about how assessing both business and market risks can build the platform for success in the future. Tawhid heads the corporate services team at Islam & Co, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers, and he is preparing his presentation in collaboration with Carol McLachlan, a chartered accountant, who runs her own coaching company.

“Social media use in business”, by Derek Tierney and Lisan Beentjes, who will give practical guidance on using social media effectively in business, and establishing your brand online. Derek is the Managing Director at Hot Web Designs, and Lisan is Head of Customer Service Improvement at Merseyrail.

“How to make stress work for you”, by Jo Howarth and Marcus Croman. This session will teach you what stress is, how it affects you and some simple techniques to help you combat it. Jo is the MD of The De-Stress Show, an organisation that provides corporate workshops and private sessions to teach businesses and people how to manage stress. Marcus is the proprietor of Holistic Realignment, and specialises in relieving stress by correcting posture.