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JCI Liverpool is part of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global network of young professionals, present in more than 100 countries with almost 200,000 members across the world. JCI UK is one of 60 recipients of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012, which is the highest standard of recognition given to volunteer groups across the UK. JCI offers you an opportunity to further your personal development while making a real difference in your community. You could get involved in projects, organise events and be an active member of JCI Liverpool. JCI’s mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. We offer opportunities in Networking and Social activities, Training and Personal Development, Community and Charity Projects and International Work. For example, on 26 June 2013, JCI Liverpool hosted a fringe event as part of ACCELERATE 2013, Britain’s first annual festival dedicated to high-growth businesses. The event featured some of Liverpool’s high profile speaker, including the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar. We will also be involved in organising initiatives for the International Festival for Business 2014. We hope to see you soon at one of our events soon. JCI LIVERPOOL Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (Company No. 08033534) with its registered office at c/o Hill Dickinson, 1 St. Paul Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ. (FAO Kai Graf von Pahlen)

JCI Liverpool’s President as the face of the Commercial District

Kai Graf von Pahlen, Member of JCI Liverpool and Solicitor at JCI Liverpool has been selected to be one of the “faces” of the Liverpool Commercial District BID, and he can now be seen on photos around the BID area (see photo below).

Kai Graf von Pahlen


JCI Liverpool Saturday Drinks @ Hannah’s Bar, 9th Nov 9pm‏

Join us for our monthly Saturday drinks night – this time we’re meeting at Hannah’s Bar (2 Leece Street, Liverpool L1 2TR), on 9th Nov, at 9pm.  We’ll stay there for an hour before moving on for drinks elsewhere (we have some places in mind but we’re always open to suggestions). This is a good chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, and we especially welcome new faces.

JCI Liverpool is the local branch of Junior Chamber International, a worldwide organisation dedicated to career development and charitable fundraising.  Our members reflect the diverse workforce of this city. To find out more about us, please visit http://www.jciliverpool.co.uk/

If you’d like to join us for drinks on 9 November, please sign up for this event via this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8342188711

Empowering Tomorrow’s Directors‏, by Aidan McManus

When climbing the career ladder, a good indication that you’ve reached somewhere near the top is being bestowed with a Directorship. But a place on the Company Board doesn’t automatically come with the knowledge of the roles and responsibilities that you will suddenly be expected to take on. Even though you might have the qualifications to succeed in your chosen industry and ably demonstrated the professional qualities needed to rise through the ranks, taking on the role of a Company Director presents a whole host of new challenges when compared to your usual day-to-day job.

Fortunately, help was at hand when JCI London, in collaboration with the Institute of Directors, organised a training course at London’s South Bank University. The aim of the day was to ask the young professionals in attendance, who had given up their Saturday for the opportunity to be there, were they ready for the Boardroom? To ensure that they were significantly more prepared by the end of the day than they might have been at the beginning, a range of presenters delivered the Good, the Bad and the Ugly experiences of life at Board level.

Having made his fortune in business, Alan Edwards came out of early retirement to invest in and take up non-executive positions on the Boards of numerous pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With a wealth of experience, he was able to explain to the audience why having an effective Board of Directors is crucial to the successful growth of a business, how the best Boards have a large breadth of knowledge and experience among their members and why investors look to the management expertise of the Directors before deciding to risk their money. At the slightly more youthful end of the scale was Marcus Evans who, at a relatively tender age, had already held numerous Board positions. Marcus is currently the Commercial Director for Nutbourne, an office design and IT services company. But, before creating his own start up with a school friend, Marcus was able to talk about the many mistakes made along the way and the lessons he had to learn to get him to where he was today. Paul Munden, the lead governance instructor at the Institute of Directors, was able to put a humorous spin on the serious topic of corporate responsibility and the legal ramifications that can come from Directors not acting in an ethical and legal manner. Through audience participation he was able to work through a number of fictional scenarios, getting people to consider the various decisions that a Director might be faced with in their role and the potential consequences if they made the wrong ones. Stepping back from the profit driven world of private corporations, Alex Swallow, Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition, spoke passionately about the important role that young people can play as a Trustee for a charitable organisation. With the average age of a Board of Trustees in the UK hovering in the high fifties, Alex illustrated the many ways that we could influence and shape the work carried out by charities. The obvious subtext being that, not only was getting involved in charitable work incredibly satisfying on a personal level, but taking up the role of a Trustee can be excellent preparation for a place on the Board. The compere for the event was Marcus Orlovsky, Director at Bryanston Square. Having been incredibly successful in a number of industries, including finance, recruitment, property development, education and antique selling, Marcus delivered an inspirational presentation on risk taking, identifying gaps in the market and seizing opportunities. Speaking from his own personal experience, he was able to demonstrate that approaching problems with novel solutions and disrupting already established markets are some of the best ways to generate rapid business growth. Always looking for new challenges, it was great to hear from someone who is brave enough to get to the top of their profession and then look for something else to which to apply themselves.

Overall, it was a fantastic course and credit must go to Nahas Abdul, JCI London’s Business Director, and his team for organising such a well attended and smoothly run training event. It was also a great opportunity to meet other members of JCI from around the country, as well as student members of the IoD and the University. It’s safe to say that, if people didn’t think that they were ready for the Boardroom when they first arrived, by the time they left they were considerably more so.

Aidan McManus is a Member of JCI Liverpool, and Operations Director at Tenet


To find out more about JCI’s events across the country, please visit http://www.jciuk.org.uk/

After work drinks in Liverpool, 10 October (Exchange Bar)

When: Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Where: Exchange Bar, Old Hall St, L3 Liverpool

Event Details:

Please join us on 10 October 2013, at 6.30PM, for a drink after work.
Our guest of honour will be Stuart Pownall, a representative from JCI Edinburgh.
Please note that the event has been moved to the Exchange Bar (Old Hall Street, Liverpool).

Come along and have a drink, meet some interesting people and have some fun!

Register for this event now at : http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8340088429/rss

Training for Charity (with free dinner) – 26 November‏

JCI Liverpool is organising a “Training for Charity” event, with young professionals/entrepreneurs teaming up with leaders in various industries, and delivering speeches on topics relevant to professionals and entrepreneurs. The event will take place on 26 November 2013, 2pm to 5.30pm. Free dinner will be provided at 5.30pm.


Some of the speakers will include:

– Kai Graf von Pahlen – President at JCI Liverpool

– The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar

– Laura Beswick – Managing Director at BPP Professional Education (Liverpool)

– Jim Graves – Chair at Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust

– Max Steinberg CBE – CEO of Liverpool Vision

– Rikki Griffiths – Area Commercial Director at HSBC Liverpool

The Host

The event is organised by JCI Liverpool, part of Junior Chamber International – the leading global network for young professionals.

The speakers will be introduced by Mark Jones, one of the most experienced radio presenters currently on-air. Starting at BBC Manchester, he graduated to Liverpool’s Radio City, and won several awards including a Sony for hosting the Michael Jackson Aintree concert, (‘biggest solo concert in history’), entertaining more than 125,000 people.


The speakers will cover the following topics:

– Why leaders lead…

– Management and motivation

– Financial planning for professionals/entrepreneurs

– Preparing effective PowerPoint presentations

– International Festival for Business 2014

Free dinner

Free dinner will be provided at 5.30pm. This will be sponsored by the Mayur Restaurant on Duke Street.

Charity Appeal

JCI Liverpool recognises the importance of young people being active citizens and encourages members to take time to get involved in the community. We are organising this event in order to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal (Liverpool). The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar, is known as the first citizen and chosen representative of the city, acting as a focal point for the community as well as promoting the city and forging national and international links. Gary will be guest of honour at our event on 26 November, and open the event for us.

The Sponsors

The sponsors for this event are Hill Dickinson, Mark Jones (Master of Ceremonies), the BJC Foundation and the Mayur Restaurant.

Register your attendance

Please sign up for the event  at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/8218077491/rss. We charge £2 for registration, and all proceeds will be donated to the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal (Liverpool).

Improve your leadership skills – 26 September‏

JCI Liverpool has teamed up with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and the International Coaching Academy  with a view to organising a one hour course on improving your leadership skills, which will be combined with JCI Liverpool’s annual public speaking competition. The event will take place on 26 September, from 5PM, at the Liverpool Chamber’s office at 1 Old Hall Street, Liverpool.  

The one hour course will be taught by John Haynes, Founder of the International Coaching Academy (ICA) and the principle coach on all ICA courses. He has been in the business of people development for over 30 years.

After John’s talk, the event will also feature JCI Liverpool’s annual public speaking competition which will involve up to 5 JCI members competing against each other in a fun environment. Each of the 5 JCI members will deliver a 7 minute speech on one of the following topics: (1)To me freedom of speech means….. (2) Do we have gender equality in the UK? (3) Is JCI the leading global network of young active citizens? (4) This country relies on its army of volunteers! (5) An Englishman’s home is his castle. The winner of the competition (being a full member of JCI Liverpool) will get the chance to represent JCI Liverpool at JCI UK’s National Public Speaking Competition in Leeds (travel expenses and hotel paid by JCI).

If you’d like to be a speaker at the event, here are some FAQs:

Who will be the speakers at the event?

Members of JCI Liverpool are given the opportunity to prepare and deliver a speech  at the event (7 minutes).

I don’t have much experience in public speaking. Is that a problem?

No. The purpose of JCI is to provide young professionals/entrepreneurs with the skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. We are here to help you to improve and practise your skills in a safe environment. We can support you, and help you prepare for the speech. Just be passionate, and you will be fine.

Why could it be important for me to be a speaker at the event?

To develop yourself, and to improve your CV. Delivering a speech in front of an audience  is an impressive thing. You can do it!

How can I sign up as a member of JCI Liverpool?

To join JCI Liverpool, please visit http://www.jciliverpool.co.uk/join-us.aspx#.UipkIDFwaUk

How can I apply to be a speaker at the event?

Please email us – info@jciliverpool.co.uk

Have a drink with Germany’s Hochschule Anhalt-University of Applied Sciences‏

JCI members come from all around the world, and everyone who is a JCI member has the chance to get involved on an international level. As a JCI member, you will often have the opportunity to travel to many conferences and training events, all over the world, including the annual European Conference and World Congress.

Please join us on 4 September 2013, at 6.30PM when we will meet representatives from Germany’s Hochschule Anhalt-University of Applied Sciences for a drink at the Cross Keys Pub (13 Earle St, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 9NS).


Come along and have a drink. You can find out about a German university, meet some interesting people and have some fun! JCI members will get a free drink!

To register your attendance, please click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/7805623831